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Corporate Advertising Opportunities

The Hearing Loss Association of America guarantees a connection with more than 200,000 consumers and professionals in the hearing loss community. For 34 years HLAA has been in the forefront of advocacy on Capitol Hill for the hearing loss community and provides its members with the latest industry news. HLAA is the nation’s leading organization representing people with hearing loss.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 48 million (20%) Americans have some degree of hearing loss, which makes hearing loss a public health issue—third in line after heart disease and arthritis.

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Reach Your Potential Customers

  • Consumers with hearing loss, along with their families and friends who are interested in the latest news and products in the industry.
  • Hearing health care professionals who display Hearing Life magazine in their reception areas and recommend products and services to their patients. Includes hearing instrument specialists, audiologists, psychologists, senior care centers.
  • Organizations and academic institutions in the field—educators who want to understand hearing loss and make informed recommendations.
  • National, state and county agencies, vocational rehabilitation centers, libraries, and educational institutions consider HLAA’s expertise and its chapter/state network to be an outstanding resource.

HLAA Statistics

  • There are 48 million people in the United States with some level of hearing loss.
  • Hearing loss is a public health issue third in line to arthritis and heart disease.
  • HLAA members are enthusiastic users and promoters of hearing aids and other technology.
  • 91% of HLAA members with moderate losses wear hearing aids.
  • 61% of HLAA members with mild losses wear hearing aids. That compares with 20% usage among the general population.
  • 48% of HLAA members indicate they use assistive listening devices (hearing assistive technologies) such as FM systems, audio loops, infrared, or hard-wired systems.
  • 46% of HLAA members use their own assistive listening devices.
  • 83% of HLAA members use telecoils.