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Become a Board Member

From: James C. Saunders, Ph.D.
Chair, Nominating Committee

Maintaining the strength of our governing Board is a never-ending process. In that connection, I am asking your help in identifying good prospects for service as future HLAA board members.

Members of the HLAA Board of Trustees are responsible for policy development and oversight, for establishing long-range plans, and for assuring that the organization has the financial resources to carry out its mission.

The hallmark of strong not-for-profit organizations is that they have an effective, dedicated governing board. For an organization like the HLAA to survive and thrive, it is critical that a strong Board presence be developed and sustained.

We seek a diverse Board in terms of race, age, gender, and constituency representation. Constituencies include people with hearing loss, family members of people with hearing loss, parents of children with hearing loss, hearing loss service providers, and HLAA Chapter leaders. Hearing loss is not a requirement for membership, but members with hearing loss must represent two-thirds the Board.

Qualities sought in candidates include experience in the corporate and nonprofit worlds. Know-how in finance and accounting, media technology, advocacy, fundraising, senior level corporate experience, human resources, government relations, legal, management, marketing, development, public relations, medical, and strategic planning are desirable skills.

Here is how you can help. Please forward information concerning prospects for HLAA Board service to me at Alternatively, send information by mail to: 417 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004.

The candidate must be someone you personally know and vouch-for in terms of integrity. An inquiry of the candidate should be undertaken to assure an interest in serving on the Board of Trustees. Prepare a brief statement about why you think the candidate would be a good Board member for HLAA. Provide the name, address, phone number, and email address. It would be helpful if you include your own contact information so that, if we have questions, we can be in touch.

Interested individuals may also self-nominate. Complete the application form [PDF version] [Word version] and instructions. Please forward the form and additional material (electronically or via mail) to the Nominating Committee Chair.