Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

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Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) offers corporations national sponsorship opportunities through the National Walk4Hearing, the Annual Convention and Program Sponsorships. Your participation and support will widen your outreach to more consumer groups with hearing loss including: parents with young children, young adults, current and older veterans, consumers with mild to moderate hearing loss, diverse and underrepresented communities, baby boomers, and seniors.

HLAA, the leading national nonprofit representing 48 million Americas with hearing loss, has extensive outreach on both the grassroots and national levels. Together with our valued partners, we can pool our resources and ideas to deliver a range of innovative and vital programs that directly benefit consumers with hearing loss and their families.

As an HLAA corporate partner, you have an opportunity to expand your market reach and build brand identity resulting in a greater return on investment while leveraging your philanthropic commitments with marketing dollars.

HLAA's New Educational Webinars Program:
Greater Reach, Higher Impact

Expand your market share by sponsoring HLAA's Educational Webinar Program. The webinars will be available FREE to consumers with hearing loss, family members, parents and caregivers, along with hearing health professionals.

The webinars are a high-impact way to reach hundreds of individuals and provide valuable education and information on topics and issues impacting people with hearing loss.

This is a limited sponsorship opportunity. To become a sponsor or to learn more about HLAA’s Educational Webinars Program, please dowload the proposal or contact: Nancy Macklin at

HLAA’s National Walk4Hearing

Step Up and Sponsor HLAA’s National Walk4Hearing!
The HLAA National Walk4Hearing is the largest walk for hearing in America. Since its inception in 2006, more than 70,000 walkers have raised more than $10 million to advance the cause for people with hearing loss. The Walk4Hearing will take place in 22 locations across the country in 2016.

The Walks, held in the spring and fall, draw thousands of participants and supporters to:

  • Raise public awareness
  • Raise support for hearing loss America’s 3rd largest public health issue
  • Erase the stigma associated with hearing loss

Why be a Corporate Sponsor? There are 48 million reasons.

Step Up - Become a National Walk4Hearing Corporate Sponsor Today!

To become a sponsor or for more information please contact us at 301.657.2248 or

Annual Convention

HLAA’s Annual Convention offers our corporate partners the opportunity to reach HLAA members, state and local chapters, consumers with hearing loss and their families, and hearing health professionals from across the country.

Sponsorship and marketing opportunities include:

  • Event sponsorship
  • Exhibit booths
  • Advertising
  • Demo room presentations
  • Scholarships
  • Special events (i.e. hearing screening, hospitality suites, etc.)

HLAA offers multiple benefits and recognition opportunities to our sponsors that will maximize your marketing budget.

For more information and to review the Corporate Sponsorship Prospectus, please go to the Exhibit and Marketing Opportunities page or contact HLAA at 301.657.2248.

Program Sponsorships

A core value of HLAA is to provide educational programming to consumers with hearing loss and their families to help them effectively communicate and participate in a full and active life. Consumers with hearing loss turn to HLAA for current information and educational programs that will enhance and change their lives. Your sponsorship support will be recognized in printed and online materials, press releases, and in program advertising. We are also open to program ideas that you may be interested in sponsoring.

Program Sponsorship Opportunities Include:

  • Infomercial Webinars – Only HLAA corporate members are offered the opportunity to underwrite infomercial webinars. Special pricing is available for multiple webinar support.  HLAA works with our corporate sponsors on topic selection but does not promote any one product or service.
  • Chapter Wiki/Website – Several HLAA state and local chapters have active wikis and websites for consumers to communicate with each other, provide educational information, resources, support, and coping skills.
  • Hearing Assistive Hearing Technology Projects – HLAA continues to expand its technology capacity to conduct outreach to more consumers with hearing loss including underserved communities, young adults, parents of children with hearing loss, young veterans, and people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Sponsorship of HAT projects is an opportunity to reach out to more consumers to market your products and services.
  • Hearing Loss Support Specialist Training (HLSST) – An online, distance-learning program teaching core knowledge about hearing loss to consumers, those who serve people with hearing loss and those who want to learn more about available resources.
  • Outreach to People with Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss – HLAA recognizes that there are millions of people with mild to moderate hearing loss seeking resources and information about hearing health and services, particularly baby boomers. Sponsorship of this program will identify new markets for products and services.
  • Teaching Hearing Health and Hearing Protection – Hearing loss is the third largest public health issue in America and HLAA is dedicated to educating the general public about hearing health and hearing protection. Sponsorship of this program will increase public awareness and open the doors to new markets.
  • Reduce Hearing Assistive Technology Returns Thru Education –  HLAA seeks to develop online and printed materials to educate consumers with hearing loss on the correct use and capacity of hearing assistive technology to reduce returns and dissatisfaction. This program benefits consumers and manufacturers of HAT.
  • Product Focus Groups – HLAA supports efforts to increase the effectiveness and ease of use of hearing assistive technology and has the capacity to conduct product focus groups through its membership. The sponsor of this program will receive valuable product information feedback.
  • Chapter Education Projects – HLAA has 200 local chapters and 14 state organizations that provide support and education to thousands of consumers with hearing loss and families. This is an opportunity to sponsor HLAA’s grass roots efforts and outreach to new consumers.
  • Capacity-Building Projects – HLAA, like most nonprofits, needs partners to invest in the organization’s infrastructure to help better serve consumers with hearing loss. Sponsor support is an investment in the future of HLAA.
  • Materials – Printed and Online Projects - HLAA offers opportunities to underwrite printed and online educational and informational materials for consumers with hearing loss. Sponsors will have an opportunity to provide consumers with valuable product information.
  • Doctor /Medical Professional Seminars HLAA will develop health care provider seminars to educate professionals about the need to include hearing screening and detection as part of annual health care check-ups – for young children to seniors. Sponsors will have an opportunity to expand potential markets.
  • Babies and Young Children Hearing Screening and Detection – HLAA offers sponsors opportunities to support online educational webinars for parents to encourage them to get early intervention, screening, and detection for their babies and young children.
  • Online Member Surveys – HLAA has the capability to conduct online member surveys on topics impacting consumers to help improve products and services from a consumer perspective. Learn what the market place is saying and how your company can benefit from this information.
  • ScholarshipsSponsors have an opportunity to underwrite scholarships for consumers with hearing loss lacking resources to attend HLAA’s Annual Convention. They will receive recognition in convention printed and online materials. HLAA is particularly interested in support for young adults, veterans and underserved communities.
  • Underserved Community Outreach (including language translation) – HLAA is committed to outreach to underserved communities. Currently HLAA is seeking support to translate online and printed materials into Spanish. Sponsors have an opportunity to reach new markets.
  • Veteran Outreach (recent Iraqi/Afghanistan and older veterans) – Sponsors can support outreach to young veterans, many returning with hearing loss issues and tinnitus, as well as support for older veterans with hearing loss.

HLAA Program Sponsorship opportunities support the core values and mission of HLAA. Program sponsorship opportunities insure that you will reach your target audience and provide much needed educational programming to consumers. For more information please contact the Development Office at 301.657.2248 or