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Leader Support

Who is an HLAA Leader?

  • Chapter presidents
  • State association and state office leaders
  • Chapter coordinators
  • Anyone who holds an office or heads a committee
  • Potential leaders being groomed to step up when the time comes for a change in leadership.

HLAA is dedicated to helping our leaders across the country to start and grow a successful state organization, chapter, or chapters within a state.

The Hearing Loss Association of America and its state organizations (associations and offices) and chapters are all one organization. States and chapters are a critical part of the national organization and carry out the mission of HLAA within states and communities while they represent HLAA. This reach into the grassroots across the country is crucial to creating awareness about hearing loss through local programs and outreach.

HLAA’s Statement of Strategic Intent highlights the vital role that HLAA leaders play in accomplishing the HLAA mission. HLAA is focusing time and resources on engaging and training leaders and building a strong relationship with them (you).

Resources in this section of the HLAA website answer frequently-asked questions, such as:

Make sure to take advantage of HLAA’s online services tailored to state organization and chapter leaders, chapter coordinators, and newsletter editors. They offer insights into important and timely topics. Subscribe to them for a steady stream of ideas and best practices.

HLAA State and Chapter leaders and state coordinators receive national news that you can add to newsletters, websites and other publications:

  • “News You Can Use” -- monthly updates on HLAA programs and services, news from the national office on timely topics to share through newsletters, websites or to read at meetings. The news is provided in Word format so it can be cut and pasted. News is also available 24/7 from the sources listed above.
  • Hearing Loss Magazine, HLAA’s bimonthly, award-winning magazine, provides news of national interest

Other Resources

  • Monthly webinars for leaders that are captioned, convenient, computer-based training sessions to help you lead the state organization or chapter(s) with greater knowledge and confidence.
  • A dedicated staff person, the National State and Chapter Coordinator, to support you. Call 301.657.2248 or email us whenever you have questions or concerns not addressed on this website.
  • Chapter and State Principles outline expectations of HLAA State organizations and Chapters.
  • Leadership trainings when funded.

Thank You

We highly value the work of HLAA State organizations and Chapters because they improve the lives of people with hearing loss. People involved in a support group generally are healthier and happier than those who are not involved in one as noted in this article. Thank you for working with HLAA to ensure that people with hearing loss participate fully in life. We could never accomplish our mission without dedicated volunteers like you.