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Planned Giving

Make A Planned Gift – Join HLAA’s Legacy Circle

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) has been the nation’s leading organization for consumers with hearing loss for over thirty years. Today, HLAA represents the 48 million Americans with hearing loss. To ensure the long-term financial security of the organization, and so that we may continue to be the leader for the next thirty years, we are providing our supporters with an opportunity to invest in the future by making a planned gift to HLAA.

Legacy Circle PinA planned gift allows you to donate assets, yet defer the time we actually receive them. The best gift plans improve your financial and tax situation, often right away. We understand that your own financial needs and those of your family come first. We encourage you to explore the possibilities and opportunities for creative gift planning.

HLAA’s Legacy Circle

HLAA’s Legacy Circle is an honorary circle created by the Hearing Loss Association of America to recognize and thank those who make a bequest or lifetime gift.

HLAA’s Legacy Circle is an opportunity for our friends and supporters to continue to honor the work and ensure the future of HLAA with a planned gift. To HLAA, a planned gift is more than the distribution of assets that have been accumulated over a life time – it is a reflection of the principles you cherish and hope to perpetuate in the future.

HLAA’s Legacy Circle offers you a way to make a larger gift in the future and yet, not worry that your gift will affect the assets you need during your lifetime.

HLAA’s Legacy Circle will recognize your planned gift now, inspiring others to make the same long-term commitment to ensure the future of HLAA.

HLAA’s Legacy Circle members can make a planned gift through – a bequest, beneficiary designation (in insurance policies, retirement accounts, annuities, bank accounts, etc.), trusts, stocks, or bonds. HLAA strongly recommends that planned gifts be made in consultation with your accountant, lawyer or financial planning advisor.

HLAA’s Legacy Circle is for anyone who supports the important work of HLAA on behalf of people with hearing loss and their families. HLAA greatly appreciates a gift of any size – we value everyone’s support.

By informing us of your planned gift, you will automatically be enrolled in this honorary circle. If you have already included HLAA in your estate plan, we can immediately enroll you as our newest HLAA Legacy Circle donor. Please contact HLAA at 301.657.2248 or

Ways to Make a Planned Gift

Making a planned gift can benefit HLAA and you as well. How can that happen? You may be surprised to learn that some of the best gift plans also improve the donor’s financial and tax situation. HLAA’s Federal Tax ID #52-1177011.

Choose the Gift Plan That Matches Your Goal

planned giving chart

HLAA’s Planned Giving Brochure

To download a copy of HLAA’s new Planned Giving Brochure (includes chart seen above) and reply card, please select below:

For more information or to make a planned gift please contact HLAA
at or at 301.657.2248.

What do HLAA Legacy Circle members say about
making a planned gift to HLAA?

Marcia Finisdore, president of HLAA from 1998-2000, remains an active member of HLAA and strong advocate for consumers with hearing loss. Recently, Marcia agreed to speak publically about her planned gift to HLAA.

I have been involved with HLAA for nearly two decades. I have a hearing loss and know first-hand the daily struggles people with hearing loss encounter. HLAA has been a life-saver for me and thousands of people, over the last 30 years, providing support and information through state and local chapters, online educational webinars, Hearing Loss Magazine, and the annual convention.

And HLAA’s National Walk4Hearing has helped raise public awareness and reduce stigma. HLAA’s advocacy efforts work to ensure communication accessibility and represents consumers with hearing loss before federal agencies, departments and Congress.

I have made a planned gift to ensure that HLAA will have the financial resources to continue their work, and as an expression of my personal appreciation and support for a dynamic and caring organization. I hope that others will make the same commitment.”

Peter C. Fackler, HLAA board member and former board president.

HLAA is a lifesaver for people with hearing loss – I know, I have a hearing loss. HLAA’s National Walk4Hearing has helped raise awareness and reduce the stigma. HLAA is widely respected as the leading consumer advocacy organization for people with hearing loss and works ensure communication accessibility and compliance with laws and regulations before federal agencies, departments, and Congress. Making a planned gift is a difficult decision – but I know that my gift will ensure that future generations will benefit from the great work of this organization.”