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What are people saying about
the Hearing Loss Association of America?

HLAA has touched the lives of millions of Americas over the years through our advocacy work – impacting national, state and local polices, federal regulations and Congressional legislation; through education – free webinars, convention programs; through information - Hearing Loss Magazine, online e-News, our website, www.hearingloss.org; and support – 200 state and local chapters across the country and the National Walk4Hearing.

HLAA is regarded as the ‘go-to’ organization for consumers with hearing loss and their families; federal, state and local governments; and corporations providing products and services for consumers with hearing loss. Learn what they have to say and support our work on behalf of all Americans with hearing loss and their families.

photo of A. PopeAnne - The Hearing Loss Association of America is a wonderful organization. It has been a key resource and advocate for people with hearing loss throughout the US. On a personal level, I do not exaggerate when I say that HLAA gave me back my life after a sudden and severe hearing loss 25 years ago. Like most hearing people, I hadn’t given a moment’s thought to the importance of hearing in my life. I didn’t think about how my hearing connected me to my friends and family. I didn’t realize that my hearing was my alerting system. So, when I lost the ability to hear easily, I had no idea why my life was thrown into such turmoil or how to deal with my new reality. Of course, I started wearing hearing aids immediately. But hearing aids weren’t nearly enough. I was isolated, depressed, and thinking that never again would I feel the joy and richness of my pre hearing loss life. Thanks to HLAA, I learned that although there was no magic pill, there were many strategies I could use to help myself. I received not only information but also support and encouragement from their dedicated volunteers. Thanks to HLAA’s advocacy over the years, millions of us with hearing loss can listen to TV, go to the theater, hear museum audio tours, and talk on the cell phone. Without HLAA, I and millions of others would not have been able to stay connected to the hearing world. And now, thanks to the Walk4Hearing, HLAA is educating the public about the importance of hearing and of treating hearing loss.

In thanks for their gift to me, I have become one of the thousands of dedicated volunteers across the country. HLAA does an extraordinary job with very little money thanks to a creative and energetic staff and a vast corps of dedicated volunteers. There is no other organization working for the consumer in this way. I wish it were better known to people with hearing loss and professionals in the field. .

Kayak - A unique strength of this organization is that it gives each member many opportunities to be both student and mentor. I credit HLAA for giving me the tools, encouragement and support to pursue my dreams and achieve far more than I ever could have imagined when I started out.

Diana - When I first learned about HLAA (then SHHH) in 1995 I had already been struggling with my hearing loss for 30 years. I was amazed to find an organization that not only understood the many problems that hearing loss presents, but welcomed me and offered solutions to those problems.

Toni - Life-changing is an expression that’s used frequently when people talk about their engagement with HLAA.

Paul - As a person with a cochlear implant, I am grateful for what HLAA has accomplished to change  FCC policy concerning cellphones, TVs and closed captioning.

Julie - SHHH changed my life. Through active involvement, I regained self confidence & learned how to cope more positively with my progressive hearing loss. I have had the opportunity to watch others grow as I did. I sincerely recommend membership in HLAA to anyone who wants to live well with hearing loss; theirs or someone else’s.

Byron - The impact of HLAA has been simply moving. My experiences with HLAA began in 1988, by a visit to Frederick, Maryland's local chapter whose volunteers welcomed a profoundly hard of hearing person to his first life changing meeting. I spent an exhilarating hour learning how HLAA provides support for individuals with counseling, guidance, education, and hearing loss skills training. The skills they began teaching me in 1988 are used by me each and every day.

Katie - HLAA has been a wonderful resource for me and the people that work with it, both its staff and vast volunteer corps, are dedicated, professional and extremely knowledgeable. It's quite simply, a great group of people doing excellent work.

Pete - HLAA is such a good and strong organization, my wish is that every one of the 36 million people in the USA with a hearing loss could experience the benefits of membership and learn first hand how much HLAA has to offer them, their families, friends, and colleagues.

Michael - I've personally experienced the results of this organization in...the life of my spouse. He has found great support in all areas of his life, personal, social & professional, for his hearing loss, which is severe.

Captionmom - I have worked with this organization for over 20 years, and know that they are a WONDERFUL organization! They help all folks with any sort of hearing loss by providing key support and information. They are a valuable asset to people who have a hearing loss.

Mary - SHHH/HLAA has been my lifesaver. I began losing my hearing at the age of 10 and until I found the organization some 40 years later I never knew anyone with hearing loss, saw no published information about it, had no encouragement from family, friends or doctors. At my first SHHH meeting I was welcomed with open arms by so many others with my same problems and concerns. I learned confidence as well as coping mechanisms -- and answers to questions I was afraid to ask. I had struggled through school and many years of working, but with my newfound knowledge I was able to face reality and understand that my life was truly worth living and that helping others in the same situation would be my best response to the help I had gotten. And we have to get the word out to the general public: hearing loss is a major concern -- HLAA is doing a fantastic job of educating and advocating.