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Young Adult Social Network

You may have never met anyone else with a hearing loss, but you are not alone. With one in ten people in the United States having a hearing loss, there are people your own age with hearing loss, from mild to profound.

People ages 18-35 may have unique issues with hearing loss than someone older. These are just some of the issues young adults tell us they deal with. Maybe you do too?

Social Media – There is a growing number of websites and Facebook pages (listed below after the Education section) that reach out to young adults with hearing loss. For many years, HLAA hosted HearingLossNation – we have now closed that site (you may have been redirected to this page). We hope this page provides a fairly comprehensive list of online resources for young adults with hearing loss. If you know of a good website or Facebook page that should be included here, please let us know.

Education – Getting the right communication access in classrooms in a college or continuing educational setting is not always easy. In elementary or high school, your parents or teachers may have helped you get what you needed either with an Individualized Education Plan or on a more informal basis.

Other Resources

Facebook Pages - many of the pages listed here are not exclusively for young adults but you will find many young adults with hearing loss on these pages

  • Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant Users Group The place where everyone uses Advanced Bionics cochlear implants as their new 'ears.'
  • Association of Audiologists with Hearing Loss This group comprises deaf and hard of hearing audiologists and deaf and hard of hearing audiology students and other interested parties. The group interests include accessibility issues, personal and professional accommodations, networking and mentoring.
  • Envoy Esteem Patients Group –  This is a group for Esteem patients to share their experiences and also for people who would like additional information about the Esteem. Please feel free to share your story, experiences, photos or any questions that you have.
  • Hear Ya Now – This is not a registered chapter of HLAA, but rather a network of young adults (originally based in California), ages 18-40, with the aim to unite young adults with hearing loss across the country, through social events and an online community where information is exchanged about resources, support, advocacy and scholarship opportunities.
  • Hearing Impaired Singles – This is a closed group for singles with hearing loss who are out there in the world, often without others even knowing because we speak normally and use residual hearing along with hearing aids, cochlear implants, and auditory brain implants (ABIs).
  • International Federation of Hard of Hearing Young People (IFHOHYP)
  • Living with Meniere's Disease – This page is about living with a silent disease; it is a place of support where we can come and talk support each other. Meniere's affect every person in a family so this page is for those who have it and also those who are affected by it.
  • MED-EL Cochlear Implant Discussion Groupfor users and CI family members of Med-El cochlear implants to ask questions, find support and make social connections to fellow CI users who have shared similar experiences. People who are considering CI and have questions to ask regarding Med El are also invited.
  • SayWhatClub Gen-Y (SWC Gen-Y) – SayWhatClub is dedicated to enhancing interpersonal communication for people who are hard of hearing, deafened, or have a serious interest in hearing loss, with goals of: educating SWC participants and the public about all aspects of hearing loss; providing for mutual sharing of coping and life skills; reducing feelings of isolation, frustration and despair; and enhancing feelings of self-concept and optimism.