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January / February 2018

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Living the Life!
By Barbara Kelley
We don’t make changes cavalierly here at HLAA, so when we do, it’s with the vision of looking forward. Read the whole article.

A Prelude to Sound
By Mike Gannon
What if you believed you could defy what everyone around you claimed was impossible? Mike Gannon did just that.

The Hearing Paradigm
By Scott Kingdon
The hearing paradigm is the expectation that words said amount to words heard. So how do people with hearing loss counteract its effects?

Are Fitness Classes Putting Your Hearing at Risk?
By Lauren Conte
The dangers of loud music in fitness classes could outweigh the benefits.

Finding My Confidence
By Sean McElwee
“Born this Way” star Sean McElwee doesn’t let obstacles get in his way. With his Baha, he can continue doing what he loves.

Social Security Benefits for People with Hearing Loss
By Deanna Power
If you or a loved one are unable to work because of a hearing loss there could be financial help available through the Social Security Administration.

Letter from the Editor: What’s in a Name?
By Dave Hutcheson
Read the whole article.

Message from the Chairperson of the Board: Getting to Know Your HLAA Board of Trustees
By Don Doherty

Advocacy: When a Complaint Means More Than Just Complaining: The Continuing Saga
By Lise Hamlin

Chapters: Personal Safety Training for People with Hearing Loss
By Joseph J. Marchese

HLAA2018 Convention: Minneapolis: A Charming City by Nature
By Niaz Siasi

Walk4Hearing: A Look Back at the 2017 Walk4Hearing
By Ronnie Adler and Ann Rancourt

Corporate Partner: Lifetone Technology – What If Your Smoke Alarm Doesn’t Wake You Up?

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